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ITSM - SOAService Levels are in Question

Your company can't afford to waste any IT infrastructure investment, but you probably can't afford to hire expensive consultants to develop an IT infrastructure to fully support your Service-Oriented Architecture efforts either. Fortunately, you can now use proven ITSM best practices while developing your own infrastructure.

The IT Service Management for SOA is a best practices methodology  that provides predefined standards, policies, and procedures for an enterprise to support its efforts as it begins the implementation of a Service-Orient Architecture.

The template is ITIL and ISO complaint.

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Are You Ready For the Audit

The annual audit is about to begin.  In addition to the traditional items that are reviewed, there now are a series of new factors that need to be considered.  They include:

These in addition to the requirements for 32 other states are mandated for your company has any activity in or with customers from those states.

The Compliance Management kit provides a straightforward set of documents that you can put to use immediately at your organization. It's an ideal starting point for use within your company. It includes straight forward guidelines on the procedures for meeting mandated compliance requirements. Plus all versions of the kit have audit programs that can be used immediately to help your business validate that it meets all of the currently mandated compliance requirements.

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