I.T. hiring increases slightly in April

Janco Associates

IT hiring increases slightly in April

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Three month data shows an increase of 21,500 IT jobs

The job market for information technology professionals improved in April with 1.16% more jobs filled than in March, according to Janco Associates Inc., a management consulting firm that focuses on information technology.

Janco based its report on April data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The consulting firm said the I.T. sector gained 7,300 jobs in April. Since January, the I.T. sector added 18,700 jobs. And over the last 12 months, 31,700 I.T. jobs have been filled.

“The job picture is mixed for technology professionals,” says Victor Janulaitis, Janco CEO. “The data show that telecommunications is still a depressed market with a loss of 34,600 jobs since May 2010 while there has been a compensating increase of 59,700 jobs in the computer systems design and related services sector.”

Here is the Bureau of Labor Statistics report data broken down into four categories, with seasonally adjust April 2011 jobs in each category in thousands followed by the percentage change from April 2010:

  • Telecommunications: 871.9; -3.8%
  • Data processing, hosting and related services: 270.2; -1.6%
  • Other information services: 150; 7.5%
  • Computer systems design and related services: 1493.2; 4.2%

Net Change in Number of IT Jobs

IT job market improves - hiring up

Information Technology Employment Data

IT job market improves - hiring up

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IT job market improves - hiring up

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