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Disaster Planning is the resource site forService Level Agreements Metrics Information Technology management. This site contains the Information Technology and management infrastructure tools that the CIO, CSO, and CFO can use for Sarbanes Oxley, Disaster Recovery, Security, Job Security AuditDescriptions, IT Service Management,  Change Control, Help Desk, Service Requests, SLAs - Service Level Agreements, and Metrics.  Site includes Browser and Operating System Market Share White Paper and IT Salary Survey Data.

Disaster Recovery Templates are Sarbanes Oxley compliant and the Disaster Recovery Template is included in the Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Kit supports a wide range of industries and enterprises of all sizes.  Our clients include over 2,500 premier corporations from around the world, including over 250 of the Fortune 500.

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NEWS -- The 2016 IT Salary Survey is now available. Study shows that IT salaries have fallen. Companies that participate get a free copy of the next survey when it is released.

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NEWS - Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy Template -  The Record Management, Retention, and Destruction is a detail policy template which can be utilized on day one to create a records management process.  Included with the policy are forms for establishing the record management retention and destruction schedule and a full job description with responsibilities for the Manager Records Administration.

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Top 10 Cloud postings

Top 10 cloud postingsTop 10 Cloud postings

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Demand for wearable devices explodes

Demand for wearable devices explodes

Wearable vendors shipped 27.4 million devices in the fourth quarter of 2015. That is almost 130% more than the last quarter of 2014  For the whole year, worldwide wearable shipments amounted to 78.1 million devices, up 171.6 percent from 2014.

The triple-digit growth shows that "wearables are not just for the technophiles and early adopters.

Wearable Device Policy

The use of wearable devices that can capture and broadcast video, voice, data and location information is increasing at an accelerated rate

Janco addresses the security, privacy and reputation management issues for a world in which wearable devices have cameras, microphones, massive data storage and INTERNET connectivity

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Mobility Policy Bundle
 (more info...) All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable

  • BYOD Policy Template (more info...) Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy (more info...)
  • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy (more info...)
  • Social Networking Policy (more info...) Includes electronic form
  • Telecommuting Policy (more info...) Includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff
  • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy (more info...)
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Physical security now a major concern of CIOs

Terrorist AttackPhysical security now a major concern of CIOs

With the recent terrorist attack physical security is seen as growing concern for all organizations. Among the ranks of potential threats that organizations face, acts of terrorism is an increasing concern.

More than one half of all CIOs that we have talked to have expressed concern about the possibility of both an act of terrorism or a security incident such as vandalism, theft or fraud disrupting their organization.

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Ransomware is more common than you think

Ransomware is more common than you think

RansomewareRansomeware has grown in occurrence and sophistication in recent months. One of the best known forms, called CryptoWall, just had Version 4 released.  It has a greatly improved ability to hide from antivirus software and firewalls. It is estimated that the  distributors of CryptoWall made more than $25 million in 2015. There have been recent indications that the bad actors are concerned about maintaining the belief that paying the ransom will really allow for file recovery. As such, in some instances, they have been found on PC help forums, assisting victims with file recovery and payment issues. How big of them!

Ransomeware typically ignores local drives but attacks server drives.  It will encrypt the data files and accounting databases on the server.

Malwarebytes is a great tool you can use to eradicate the actual infection from any PCs. Once that is done you can began to plan for file recovery.

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Some executive fight security practices

Some executive fight security practices

Security PoliciesEven today there are clashes with senior business executives that make it more challenging for CSOs and CISOs to create a secure environment.

Many of the conflicts that occur between security and business executives are due to ongoing philosophical differences regarding risk and convience.  Many of them feel they are above the standards and can do whatever they want.

Security incidents are rising at an alarming rate every year. As the complexity of the threats increases, so do the security measures required to protect networks and critical enterprise data.

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