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Hiring may finally be on the up-tick for IT staff

Upward Spike in Short Term Hiring of IT Staff and Consultants

Hiring may finally be on the up-tick for IT staff - Janco continues to monitor the IT employment picture and sees a mixed view of the IT job market.  Janco has found that short term hiring for IT staff and consultants is up, however long term CIOs do not feel that hiring will improve significantly for until early in 2013.  The CEO of Janco, said, “In interviews of 110 in late January and early February of US based CIOs we found that most have a number of short term needs that need to be filled for additional staffing of a ‘temporary’ nature. CIOs are striving to keep the overall FTE (full time equivalent) headcounts level and do not project an increase within the next several months.”

IT Hiring Trend

Data shows that 1 out 5 companies is now activity looking to increase their head count.  In the short term they are hiring contractors and consultants to meet unique business requirements.

One of the bright spots during the past few years has been government employment. That seems to be coming to an end with the proposed 2013 federal budget. The current administration proposed a decrease in federal IT spending in 2013, the budget calls for spending $78.8 billion, a 1.2 percent decrease from 2012.

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Security Policy and ProcedureTemplate

Data Security and Protection are a priority and this template is a must have tool that every CIO and IT department must have. Over 3,000 enterprise worldwide have acquired this tool and it is viewed by many as the Industry Standard for Security Management and Compliance.

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