Client Server Management HandiGuide®

NOTE: All of the materials included in this offering have been updated and are included in the IT Governance Infrastructure Strategy and Charter Template. This product is obsolete and no longer sold.

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CIO Infrastructure ToolkitThe client/server model has become one of the central concepts used in network computing. Most applications written today use the client/server model as does the Internet’s main program, TCP/IP and the DNS addressing model. In marketing, the term Client Server has been used to distinguish distributed computing by smaller dispersed computers from the “monolithic” centralized computing of mainframe computers. But this distinction has largely disappeared as mainframes and their applications have also turned to the client/server model and become part of network computing.

The Client Server Management HandiGuide contains over 155 pages of practical ways to manage the Client Server operating environment. The Client Server Management HandiGuide is available in both PDF and MS WORD and WORD 2003 formats.

Topics covered include:

  • Client Server Management Process
  • Client Server Management Structure
  • Business Resumption Program
  • Back-Up And Recovery Program
  • Application Development Standards
  • Security
  • Minimum and Mandated Security Requirements Defined
  • Access Control - Physical Site
  • Access Control - Software And Data
  • Access Control - Midrange and Mainframe
  • Operational Management Overview
  • Risk Assessment Program
  • Insurance
  • Personnel Practices
  • Local Area Networks
  • Controls
  • Facility Requirements
  • Services Requests (Change Control)

The Client Server HandiGuide comes in three versions:

  • Microsoft's MS WORD
  • PDF
  • WORD and PDF with the bonus of the "Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool" and the "Backup and Data Retention Policy".

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