Disaster Recovery Employee SafteyEmployee Safety Often Forgotten in the Recovery Process

Employee Safety Often Forgotten in the Recovery Process - Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and mud slides have challenged many enterprises and CIOs in particular as they tried to recover from these disasters. Employees and associates have been put at physical risk and data has been exposed to security breaches as the recovery efforts have taken place.

Most enterprises have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, however in a review of 128 companies that have recently has to activate their disaster plans Janco has found that 64% do not have and or have not followed the protocols to ensure the safety of their employees and critical security needs of their information assets.

With the just updated Safety Manual Template included are electronic forms that can be Emailed, completed on a PC, iPad, tablet, or laptop, and filed electronically. A completely green process.

The electronic forms include:

  • Area Safety Inspection Report
  • Employee Job Hazard Analysis Acknowledgement
  • First Report of Injury
  • Inspection Checklist Office Areas
  • Inspection Checklist Alternative Locations
  • New Employee Safety Checklist
  • Safety Program Responsibility Contact List
  • Training Record

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CIO Job DescriptionCIOs Need to Face Reality

The role of the CIO is changing and those that adapt will be successful, those that do not will be frustrated. CIOs need to face reality as they can no longer say they control the technology destiny of their organizations.

  • The SmartPhone revolution is here to stay with the iPad and tablets leading the way
  • Budgets for technology are no longer controlled by the IT department
  • There will always be service disruptions and downtime
  • Compliance will never be complete for all mandated requirements
  • Cloud computing is not the end all solution and may even generate new issues
  • There will never be enough staff on board to meet all of the needs of the enterprise
  • Your systems and network have already been breached
  • Security of confidential and sensitive information is not strong enough
  • Users will continue to need IT's support even for equipment and applications that you have not supplied
  • CIO's and IT staff will continued to be viewed as overhead and not essential to the core business by many

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Building Security in Disaster Recovery Plan

Outsourcing TemplateTuned, pretested DR support capabilities and services are now helping midsize company managers reduce the risks of an extended business outage due to disaster, and at more reasonable costs than ever before. Today, it is possible to put in place disaster recovery technology and practices that may cost less per user supported than older technology that did not support DR.

Cloud computing is one possible answer to the need for such security, flexibility,providing a highly automated,dynamic alternative for the acquisition and delivery of IT services. Today users are tapping into public and private clouds for computing resources and services without having to address the underlying technology. Companies are leveraging the massive scalability and collaboration capabilities of cloud computing to solve problems in ways that just were not possible before.

Such operational efficiency is helping companies capitalize on the globally net-worked world. It is enabling CIOs to leverage the infrastructure more effectively to support the business goals of their company. By lessening the drag on data center resources,cloud computing is enabling IT to hone in on real value creation,namely innovation. Rapid,technology-enabled innovation is vital to staying afloat in a highly volatile and uncertain economy. Cloud computing provides the platform for optimizing operations while creating and delivering the kind of innovative services that differentiate and propel the business forward.

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