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IT Executive Salaries: Who's Cashing In?

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Salaries inch up slowly

For those IT executives out there who have seen a noticeable increase in their paychecks, congratulations! Sadly—but not surprisingly—you're among the lucky few.

According to the 2011 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey from IT management consulting firm Janco Associates, pay for most high-level IT leadership positions remained flat between June 2010 and June 2011. CIOs for large companies (at least $500 million in annual gross revenue, by Janco's distinction) actually saw a 2 percent increase in total compensation, compared with the same period a year ago. But five of their top deputies experienced pay cuts, and of the three getting a raise, only one topped 1 percent (and barely, at that). CIOs at medium-sized companies (less than $500 million in annual gross revenue) took a minor hit in total compensation, while most of their deputies got a bump. VPs of Technical Services and VP/CSO received the most handsome raises at mid-tier companies, according to the study.

Take heart, IT leaders. Good times are coming back…at least, they should be, at some point.

CIO Compensation

  • Large enterprises +2.05%
    • June 2011
      • Base $162,570
      • Total $175,363
    • June 2010
      • Base $157,082
      • Total $171,829
  • Mid-sized enterprises -0.59%
    • June 2011
      • Base $145,049
      • Total $162,250
    • June 2010
      • Base $145,947
      • Total $163,211

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