IT Infrastructure Key to Cost Control and Security

CIOs frequently ask what IT should measure and report to business executives. The key to success is choosing asmall number of metrics that are relevant to the business and havethe most impact on business outcomes. The five metrics that meet the criteria for relevance and impact are investment alignment to business strategy, business value of IT investments, IT budget balance, service level excellence, and operational excellence.

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Are Your Computers Attractive Targets?

Security Breaches are on the Rise - Security Manual Template Addresses Issues 

Security Manual TemplateThe people of the world have granted control of their existence to computers, networks, and databases. People own property if a computer says they do. People can buy a house if a computer says they may. Enterprises have money in the bank if a computer says so. An individual's blood type is what the computer says it is. People and enterprise are who the computer says they are.

Every day, people on the Internet are reaching out and touching our computers in attempts to violate our privacy, use our resources, dupe us into helping them perform a crime, or steal information. Every one of the devices on the enterprise network is an attractive target for criminals. Serious crimes have been committed on, by, and through five-year-old laptops.

High-profile security breaches have made network access control one of the most important concerns for corporate and government network managers. It is your job to reduce the chance of security breaches. Do you know what attacks intruders use and how to counter them? As hackers become more sophisticated, so must you. The Janco Security Manual Template gives you the foundation security policies and procedures to protect your network from

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